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Agency onboarding fee

This fee allows our team to verify up to five clients and their identities and expertise so they can be easily discovered by journalists who use Vetted


U.S. Regional

per article

Examples include
Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Denver Business Journal


per article

Examples include
Adweek, Variety, TechCrunch

U.S. National

per article

Examples include
USA Today, Forbes, ABC


per article

Examples include
BBC, The New York Times, Reuters

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No monthly subscription.


No press releases or pitching. Vetted provides a passive pipeline of interview requests that you can accept or decline. Only pay when your client gets quoted.


Media outlets get hundreds of story pitches per week, with only a small fraction of them getting read. Vetted's exclusive directory helps verified experts get discovered when journalists need them.


Show journalists your client's expertise and personality, then easily accept or reject media interviews as journalists search through our exclusive online directory.

Frequently asked questions

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How does Vetted work?

Once your experts are verified, you will start to receive interview requests, via email, from verified journalists who use Vetted to locate expert commentary. You may accept or decline interviews at will, and you pay a Vetted placement fee if your client gets quoted in the journalist's article.

When do I pay Vetted a placement fee?

You only pay a Vetted placement fee when your accepted interview results in a published quote -- no quote, no fee.

How much is Vetted's placement fee?

The placement fee ranges from $297 - $510 depending on the interviewing media outlet's reach and reputation.

Do journalists pay for Vetted?

No. Journalists use Vetted for free and never pay for interviews.

When do you charge the agency onboarding fee?

Vetted only charges a $179 agency onboarding fee after your first client is accepted into the directory as an expert source. This fee covers up to five client profiles.

Do I have to pay an agency onboarding fee for each client?

No. Your agency onboarding fee covers five client verifications for $179. Have more than five clients that you want to add to Vetted? Contact [email protected].

Will I be charged multiple times if my client's quote gets republished?

No. You will not be charged for any reprinted or republished quotes. You will only be charged for the initial interview that led to the first quote.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No. Vetted is performance-based. Add your clients and only pay after they get news coverage.