How does Vetted compare to others?

At Vetted, we believe that you only pay when you get results. That’s why we are the only online media relations service that offers a pay-per-placement model. If you don’t get quoted after being interviewed, then you pay nothing.

Simply apply to create a free profile, then get interviewed by verified journalists searching for expert sources for their stories.

Here’s how we measure up to other online media relations services:

vetted logo HARO logo ProfNet logo Qwoted logo MuckRack logo
Pay-per-placement $350 - $600
Annual subscription Free $1,800 * $3,696 * $15,000 * $5,000
How to connect with journalists Verified journalists come to you Pitching required Pitching required Pitching required Pitching required
Verified news organizations
Expert sources accepted into the community 1,000
PR professional reviews and improves your profile Upon request Upon request Upon request
Join for Free * Free versions with limited features are available.

What makes Vetted different

No Risk Process

At Vetted, you only pay if we get you into the news. There are no retainers, subscriptions or other hidden fees.

Journalists come to you

Unlike traditional PR firms, Vetted gets journalists to come directly to the experts — no pitches or press releases required

Supporting transparency

We donate 1% of our revenue to pro-journalism and fact checking initiatives.

Get journalists to come to you and get quoted in the news.