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Vetted is free to join and there are no subscription fees. Experts only pay when they get quoted.

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Examples include
Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Denver Business Journal


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Examples include
Adweek, Variety, TechCrunch

U.S. National

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Examples include
USA Today, Forbes, ABC


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Examples include
BBC, The New York Times, Reuters

A revolutionary model


With PR firms, you pay thousands of dollars without a guarantee of getting yourself into the news. With Vetted, you only pay a fraction of that if we actually get you into the news.


Media outlets get up to 500 story pitches per week, with only 18% of them actually getting read. Vetted's no-pitch platform brings journalists to you when they need you most.


Show journalists your expertise and personality, then easily accept or reject media interviews as journalists search through our exclusive online platform.

No monthly subscription.
Only pay when you're quoted.

Frequently asked questions

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How much does Vetted cost?

The cost varies based on the media outlet your article is in. It ranges from $350 - $600 depending on the outlet's reach and reputation.

Who do I pay?

Payments are made to Vetted for facilitating the connection between experts and journalists. All journalists use Vetted for free and never get paid for interviews.

When do I pay Vetted?

As an expert, you pay Vetted only after you are quoted in the journalist's associated media outlet. Learn more about how it works.

Is there a monthly subscription?

No! Setup a free profile and get discovered by journalists.

Do you offer discounts for PR professionals?

Yes! Receive 15% off when you add five or more clients to Vetted. Learn more about how PR pros use Vetted.

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